Supports the body’s natural cellular repair. Nourish, Refresh, Nurture the colostrum way.

  • Unlocking stem cell renewal is one of the greatest health discoveries of our lifetime.
  • A daily supplement that helps your body’s natural cellular repair.
  • Supports the natural repair and rejuvenation of cells, tissues and organs.
  • Provides a healthy environment for optimal stem cell activity.
  • Antioxidants protect against premature aging.

Nourish:Colostrum supports optimal stem cell activity, your body’s natural repair process.

Refresh:Stimulates healthy growth, restoring cell membrane strength.

Nurture:Enhances stem cell activity, digestive health and immunity.

Adult stem cells act as a universal repair system and also maintain the regeneration of cells throughout your body. Alpha Lipid™ Colostem™ supports this natural process, adding antioxidants and nutrients to boost your immunity and leave your body feeling restored, healthy and protected.